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Greenwaste Recycling

Whether you’re a professional landscaping company, tree surgeon or have just given your garden a tidy we can help you to recycle your green waste.

We accept grass cuttings, hedge trimmings, leaves, logs, branches and anything else that grows above the ground. Unfortunately, we cannot accept roots, or anything deeper than the very top layer of soil.

Using our facilities on site we shred and screen all green materials. This then gets collected by biomass companies who turn the waste into power.  One of our products goes straight into Sandwich power station which supplies 50,000 homes with electricity.

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All prices are per tip and are inclusive of VAT

Garden Waste £65

Tree Waste £45

Arbchip £15

Soil Tip £55

Logs Only £35

If you have a mixed load we will price it in our yard. Loads cannot be priced over the phone. 

We also offer a reliable local felled timber clearance service

Unfortunately, we cannot accept vehicles over 7.5 tonnes 


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Topsoil £40 per bucket

Woodchips £30 per bucket

Compost £30 per bucket

All prices are inclusive of VAT

Landscape products

Landscaping guide

Typically, one bucket covers one and a half meters of ground. We do not have the facilities to sell our products by weight. 

Our garden products are not bagged, so a flatbed truck or trailer is required.

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Greenwaste Recycling Yard Opening Hours

Monday to Friday

7:30am - 4:45pm


8am - 12pm

Despite our Warlingham address, we are in fact located just 5 minutes from Biggin Hill Airport. Easily accessed from either Saltbox Hill or King Henry's Drive, New Addington.

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